Rogue One Logo

A few days after getting the teaser trailer for the teaser trailer, Disney and Lucasfilm have issued the Rogue One trailer proper. And the Force is quite strong with this one.

“You Say You Want a Revolution?”

The new trailer, to put it simply, is fantastic. It just hits all the notes. There’s some levity sprinkled through it. The music perfectly complements all the appropriate moods. There’s plenty of action and the dialogue finally gives us some insight as to who all these supporting characters actually are. Then, of course, we get the money shot at the end:

Rogue One Trailer - Darth Vadar
OH! Hell yeah!

It’s just a fleeting moment, but he’s there. Darth Vadar. We still have no idea how involved Anakin’s alter ego will be in this film. We can hope we’ll see the Sith Lord ravaging Rebels throughout the war within Rogue One, but until the war actually gets here in December, we’re just left guessing.

Rogue One hits theaters on December 16th.

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