The Witness

While some games are getting delays today, others are getting release dates – that are relatively soon! Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, has a new exploration puzzle game coming in The Witness. Blow has confirmed that he and his team over at Thekla will have The Witness ready for us in early 2016.

How early in 2016? Just by asking such questions I can tell this game is for you! The Witness is hitting PlayStation 4 and PC on January 26th. For those that haven’t been following, The Witness is a first-person title where your unnamed character finds themselves on a mysterious island. The island is divided into 10 sections which surround a central mountain. Complete all the puzzles in at least 7 of the 10 sections and your path to the mountain, your final location, will open.

In a blog post today, Blow hyped up the length of his new title:

“There’s a lot here. When we started making this game, I figured it would have between 8 and 12 hours of playtime. As it happens, the game we’ve finally built is around 10 times as big as that: if you are a completionist who wants to wring every last drop out of the game, you might expect to play for 80 hours, or possibly 100. For people who don’t want to go quite that far, the game’s still got plenty for you. “

The Witness is quite gorgeous, I encourage you to take a gander at the image gallery just below. Hopefully it’s as fun to play with as it is to look at.

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