Injustice 2

DC and Warner Bros. dropped the latest trailer today for NetherRealm’ Injustice 2. Let’s just say that things aren’t going very well for the relationship between the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader.

“Every Villain is the Hero of His Own Story.”

Superman currently resides in Lex Luthor’s Prison for Meta-Humans thanks to the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us. And it seems his ideology has yet to be swayed. He’s certainly not alone though. Throughout today’s latest trailer we see a plethora of Meta-Humans that have Clark’s back.

In today’s trailer we see Wonder Woman and Cyborg fighting to defend the imprisoned Superman. However, it’s not long before Supes is out of Lex’s prison and defending himself in the real world. He seems derailed, unhinged even. He’s at odds with even Supergirl in this clip as he seems desperate to do anything to prevent the crime of the world.

As the clip winds down, we get a few shots of Batman and Superman going toe to toe. And Superman doesn’t appear to be holding much back. He’s absolutely annihilating Bruce, who is hopelessly outmatched. We’ll see how the story completely folds out in a few months.

Injustice 2 fights its way onto Xbox and PlayStation 4 on May 16th.

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