this war of mine box

11 Bit Studios announced today their intention to team up with designers Michal Oracz and Jakub Wisniewski to bring their award-winning survival game This War of Mine a bit closer to reality by creating a tabletop version of the title. The game aims at broadening This War of Mine‘s universe and will emphasize the depth of the plot, while still featuring group decision making and human interactions.

The idea behind This War of Mine – The Board Game is an ambitious one, said the guys over at 11 Bit in a press release. The game will feature a solo mode as well as a multiplayer one, where up to six people will be able to work together toward their survival. The idea is to create an instant-play game: an intuitive title that requires no manuals to be read prior to playing.

This War of Mine – The Boardgame is being developed by an experienced team consisting of veteran board game designer Michal Oracz (Neuroshima Hex, Earthcore: Shattered Elements, Neuroshima RPG, Theseus: The Dark Orbit, De Profundis ) and translator ans story designer Jakub Wisniewski ( Earthcore: Shattered Elements, Dying Light).

An additional app will enrich the experience by adding digital content such as soundtrack, scripted events, live story updates, cutscenes, mini-radio plays, hidden secrets, and much more. The story of This War of Mine will be continued in 2016 but no specific release date has been given for the tabletop version of this title yet.

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