So earlier this year, during the summertime, the critically praised This War Of Mine received a port to tablets, prompting fans of the game to ask why it didn’t get a port to smartphones.

So after a lot of questions, and a lot of demand for a release on smartphones, 11 Bit Studios finally released a port of the game for both IOS as well as Android devices.

According to 11 Bit Studios, the reason why porting the game to phones wasn’t done sooner was due to the screen size of mobile phones, as the interface of the game wasn’t designed for it. So over many months, the studio took the time to redesign the interface to not only look good, but also give the same amount of functionality and engagement as other ports.

Also the developer stated that if you use the power of the cloud, and say have a Ipad and an Iphone, you can easily use a save on the Ipad, and later transfer it to the Iphone to continue playing the same game for example.

Anyways the game is available on Itunes and Google Play, so if you are looking or have wanted to play this game on your phone, well now’s the time.

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