Indie developer Drool has confirmed that their upcoming rhythm game Thumper will support PlayStation VR. This news was unveiled earlier today over at the PlayStation Blog by the game’s programmer, and former Harmonix employee, Marc Flury. While the game is not PlayStation 4 exclusive, and will be releasing on PC via Steam, the studio did not discuss virtual reality options for that platform.

While it wasn’t made official until today, Drool had been upfront about the possibility of Thumper supporting virtual reality in the past. In an interview with Gosu-Tech in July 2015, Flury was asked if VR made sense for the game. “We’re thinking about it,” answered Flury. “We’re focused on making the traditional (non-VR) experience as good as possible right now.  But we think we could do something special with VR.”

So, what made the difference? Simply seeing the game running in VR. “Developing for PS VR has been so exciting because Thumper’s gameplay translates perfectly and feels amazing on the 3D high frame rate display,” Marc told the PlayStation Blog. “At the same time, VR transforms the experience in ways we didn’t expect.”

To celebrate today’s news, the two-man development team also released a brand new trailer for Thumper. You can check out what the team is calling the Rhythm Hell Gameplay Trailer below:

As you can see above, Thumper is clearly an impressive game on both an audio and visual level. So the added immersion of virtual reality will provide quite a trip. One that Flury called “completely overwhelming.”

Drool, which is composed of ex-Harmonix employees Brian Gibson and Marc Flury, was originally founded in 2013. The game was originally targeted for a 2014 release, but obviously it’s taken more time than initially anticipated. The final result looks like something special, though.

We’ll have more on Thumper‘s upcoming 2016 release as it reaches the final stages of development.

SOURCEPlayStation Blog
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