During E3, Respawn Enterainment revealed the first footage from Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign, new mechs and a grappling hook. The most notable news though was that Titanfal’s Downloadable content would come with free multiplayer DLC maps and modes.

In an interview with Gamesradar, co-founder Vince Zampella said that , “we’re giving away all the maps and modes” adding that part of the reason was because “we don’t want to split the community”.

But there’s a catch: DLC costs and is usually paid for by… um, DLC. “We still want to provide post launch content because people want it, but it’s not free to do,” explains Zampella. “If we’re going to support the game that cost money”. It seems likely that cosmetic items might be what pays for the free stuff, although Zampella admits, “we haven’t got everything solved yet so that’s why it’s really hard to talk about it”.

Drew McCoy stated that the studio arrives at the solution to earn the trust of gamers. “We need to trust the player and they need to trust us,” he says. “Trust that if we do the right thing – not sell maps and modes – we’ll get more people investing with us, investing in the game as a whole. They’re going to trust us not screw them over and they can be happy with their $60 versions”.

Respawn Entertainment’s “Titanfall 2” is set to be released for the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4 in December.

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