In this generation, online gaming has grown fairly popular. Online first-person shooters, such as Call of Duty, have us frantic and competitive to eliminate our enemies and rally the most amount of points. With that stated, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is becoming yet another FPS encompassing the online community, but its strategic and complex combat is what makes it distinctive.

Back in August of 1998, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six was released as the first tactical shooter of the franchise, focusing purely on stealth and strategy rather than downright firepower. Since then, following Rainbow Six titles have maintained that same concept, one of those being Rainbow Six Siege, making it stand out from the typical online FPS.

Like any other PC game, I downloaded it to my computer, started it up, and rifled through the menu a bit before leaping into action. Maybe this is just a preference of mine, but I like to know what’s what instead of completely making a fool out of myself in front of other strangers online (as if I didn’t do that anyway, but that’s beside the point). While poking around, I noticed there was a tutorial section. With three separate sections labeled Barricades, Floors, and Walls. I decided that it won’t hurt to play through these… only to discover the tutorials were only videos. I shrugged it off, because they were pretty self-explanatory, presenting both the attacker and defender sheer basics–I’ll cover those roles in a moment.

Back to completing the tutorials. I was rewarded with 200 Renown per video, which happens to be game’s currency. Now I know what you’re thinking. What in the world is she going to do with all that Renown? Truthfully, I wasn’t even sure what it was used for until I did more investigating and discovered unlockable features, such as better equipped attackers and defenders that will ultimately better build my roster. Of course, I am all about that.

Having just enough Renown to unlock either a defender or attacker, I was at a loss. The game supplies you with a respectable selection of both, either equipped with a specific class of weaponry or guarded with sturdy shields. Wanting to charge into action, I bet my Renown on an attacker equipped with three assault rifles. What can I say? I’ve always been a sucker for automatic weapons.

Rainbow Six Siege - Closed Beta2015-9-27-16-1-36

Once I was finished looking through the menu, it was time to hop into combat. After cracking my knuckles and neck, I made the decision to try out my new attacker in Terrorist Hunt, which can be played with four other randomized players or lone-wolf-style. The name of that mode sounded too awesome to not take a shot at it first, so I chose my player and weapons and awaited other eager players to join me. As soon as my four additional allies linked to my game, it was time for battle.

I must say, I’ve always been the kind of person who appreciates the surrounding environment, and the realism in Rainbow Six Siege is outstanding. Even just for being an FPS, the setting is very detailed, allowing the player to connect on a more realistic level. With that stated, the level I first got to experience was a training facility, occupied with mannequins (creepy) and a building our team was set to explore. I even found myself on the roof of the building at one point and the scenic distance seemed endless. Even though the action of the gameplay was prioritized, the imaginative surrounding was something to admire.

Rainbow Six Siege - Closed Beta2015-9-25-13-48-44

After I was through appreciating the scenery, it was time to eliminate all hostiles. I caught up with my team and another attacker worked to abolish one of the doors using a breach. Considering this the first time I had actually played, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate. Would some terrorist blow me up with a grenade? Who knows?

Let’s just say I actually annihilated a good amount of enemies, but I didn’t quite make it through to the end — I had a good run.

Multiplayer mode was definitely a unique experience compared to what I’m familiar with.

After my immediate death and unfortunately no respawn, a camera pans to show your teammates and their progression eliminating the enemies. With a counter shown on your screen as to how many remained, it was pretty cool to watch your allies kick some butt and other players, well, not so much. Regardless of whether your team succeeds or fails, a score is shown for each player and how much Renown you acquired from that round. I’d say it was a pretty intense first round of gameplay, oofta.

I figured now was a good time to attempt multiplayer mode, which is produced of a series of rounds with the typical five versus five gameplay. I have to admit that I had no idea what I was doing when I first started. I was expecting a Call of Duty sort of combat where everyone just ran around in a hectic manner shooting anything that moved, but it was quite different.

Your team either acquired the position of the attackers or the defenders, and I’ll be honest here and say that it does matter that you understand which is which. As part of the attacking team, your goal is to break into the building to complete the objective, as well as eliminate the hostiles, before time runs out. I merely discovered this by aimlessly strolling around outside, wondering where everyone was and practically wasting a round of gameplay. I strongly think an introduction tutorial of what needs to be accomplished is essential to a game like this. Otherwise, you just end up looking pretty dumb, especially if you’re used to the ordinary online FPS.

Rainbow Six Siege - Closed Beta2015-9-27-17-26-20

After the first round of not knowing what was going on, I had one of those “ohhh” moments where everything began to make sense. This time, I was part of the defending team, now preventing the objective completion. In an effort to secure the area, I boarded up doorways and set trap wires to hopefully delay what seemed to be the inevitable. Minutes later, the opposing team broke through, annihilating my allies as I crouched in the corner, aiming my rifle into the open area. Maybe I was crying, maybe I wasn’t. Unavoidably, I was spotted and that was the end for me.

Did I mention that once killed, there is no respawning in that round? To me, that just adds more intensity to the game which creates an enjoyably difficult and diverse environment. I must say, multiplayer mode was definitely a unique experience compared to what I’m familiar with.

Rainbow Six Siege undoubtedly holds its original title as tactical and strategic, setting it apart from a handful of other popular online FPS. The complexities experienced during gameplay solely pushes you to acquire more stealth-like abilities. That is, if you plan to survive. All in all, I am fairly excited to see what else this game has to offer, for what I have already witnessed so far has been quite refreshing.

Amanda has been obsessed with the video game industry since she mustered through an array of nearly impossible Sega Genesis games. When she's not writing, you will typically find her with her gaming computer, eating pizza, or watching Dragon Ball Z.