The Division

For those of you that missed out on the closed beta for The Division, Ubisoft has announced you won’t be left behind for much longer. The publisher revealed that an open beta will take place this week for those yet to experience the post-apocalyptic shooter.

The Division open beta will consist of “major modes and activates featured in the game”. Xbox One owners will get an extra day of access, as their open beta begins on February 18th. PlayStation 4 and PC owners can jump into the fray as of February 19th. The beta will then run through February 21st.

Xbox One players can access the game here and PlayStation 4 owners here. On PC you can nab the beta through the Uplay client by going to the Free Games section. If you’re coming over from the closed beta Ubisoft states that your progress there is likely to be lost. This is also true for players that plan to go from the open beta into the final retail version of The Division.

The Division launches on March 8th. Get in your training now before the virus hits.

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