Tom Holland - Uncharted

Deadline got the scoop earlier this morning that Tom Holland is poised to star as another iconic character in the near future. Holland, who fantastically portrayed a young Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, is on board to play young Nathan Drake in the reworked Uncharted movie.

The Origins of a Treasure Hunter

The film, being directed by Shawn Levy, has apparently been rewritten and converted into a story of Drake’s younger years as a thief. Previous scripts from Joe Carnahan, David Guggenheim and Eric Warren Singer are now being abandoned in favor of a new attempt by a yet to be determined writer.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures head, Tom Rothman, decided to go this avenue with the Uncharted property after seeing the latest cut from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The studio apparently has taken quite the liking to Holland. Which is crucial now that he will be heading two potentially powerful franchises for the company.

We’ll see Holland next when Spider-Man: Homecoming releases on July 7th. No word as to when we can expect the Uncharted movie to hit theaters at this point.

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