Game of Thrones - Season 7 Trailer

We had a feeling this was coming. The promotional campaign for Game of Thrones and its seventh and penultimate season is upon us. Earlier this week it a was some set photos and a cool gif. Today, it’s the real deal.

“The Great War is Here”

There’s a ton going on in just a minute and forty-five seconds. Cersei speaks to Jaime regarding the Lannister’s plight. There are enemies to the East, West, South and North – but the only two Lannisters “that matter” will persevere.

Meanwhile, Daenerys has landed in Westeros (finally), and it appears she’s taken a seat at Dragonstone. Jon Snow is still being declared the King in the North. Arya is running around doing gods knows what at this point – hopefully finally making it to Winterfell. Meanwhile, Sansa is still being whispered hints of traitorous acts by Littlefinger.

There aren’t any glimpses of the White Walkers in today’s trailer. But we know they’re around. There are shots in the North where people are clearly running from something. And we can probably guess what that is. Finally, the money shot of the entire clip is that of the Dothraki army racing towards a foe seemingly, with one of Dany’s dragons following overhead. Damn exciting stuff.

Game of Thrones premiers its seventh, and unfortunately shortened season, July 16th.

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