With Transformers: Devastation being released only a month ago, fans of the franchise were ecstatic. Those devoted to Transformers awaited the arrival of the action-packed game and many were happy with the results. Included directly within the game itself is five playable robotic characters, but developers at PlatinumGames wanted to give their fans more.

Within this fancy DLC pack, players can expect to acquire a trio of both Decepticon-destroying weapons and sharp looking character skins.

The three sets are as follows:

Nemesis Prime and the Dark Star Saber
Those familiar with the Transformers franchise are familiar with Nemesis Prime, AKA Optimus’ human-made clone. With his black glossy exterior and red stained windows, he has the appearance of what one would consider “hardcore”. Equipped with Nemesis Prime is a purple glowing sword that can instantaneously shred his opponent.


Goldfire and Golden Hunter
With Bumblebee’s new Goldfire skin armed with his Golden Hunter hand cannons, he holds a level of intimidation you wouldn’t regularly experience. Getting caught in his line of fire could be explicitly fatal.


Red Alert and Photon Disruptor
With Red Alert being supplied with the Photon Disruptor, he will have the upper hand in long-ranged battles due to his dynamic weaponry. Since he is well known for being the Autobot’s Security Director, he has a dedication to safety and will rid of anything that may threaten his duties.

red alert

Though each new skin is paired with its unique weapon, you can also mix and match and experiment with your own personalized combinations. It’s entirely up to you how you prefer your Transformers to battle.


Source: PlayStation Blog
Release Date: November 10, 2015

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