Watch Dogs 2 - Play for Free

While Watch Dogs 2 was generally pretty well received, it wasn’t a blockbuster by any means. The game had a disappointing preorder campaign, and by all accounts, the title didn’t sell as well as Ubisoft had hoped. So how do you get the game onto more consoles? Well, you give it away free, of course!

3 Free Hours to Do as You Please.

No, Ubisoft isn’t actually giving the game away for free. However, they are allowing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners to download it free of charge. Once downloaded, players will have free access to the game for 3 hours. The single player campaign and multiplayer component will both be readily available for gamers to experience as they please.

Once the 3 hours timer finished up, the game will then lock you out. It’s up to you at that point whether you purchase the game and continue on in your role as Marcus. Should you purchase the full version of Watch Dogs 2 though, all your progress from the 3 hour play session will carry over.

The 3 hour trial is available as of now for PlayStation 4 owners. If you’re on the Xbox One side of things, you’ll get your crack at Watch Dogs 2 as of January 24th. If you’ve yet to play the game, give it a while. What do you have to lose besides a few gigabytes?

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