Far Cry 5 Reveal

Let the marketing push begin! Ubisoft has issued a brief 40 second clip today to begin the hype for Far Cry 5. It doesn’t show us much, and it’s really just a teaser for what’s to come later this week.

Welcome to Hope County, Montana!

The publisher announced that this coming Friday, May 26th will play host to the full reveal. Ubisoft will release the proper “Announce Trailer” at that time to show us what’s really in store for us. All we really know at this point is that Far Cry 5 is set to take place in scenic Hope County, Montana.

The live action teaser doesn’t give us much. Really only promising that Far Cry 5 is poised to deliver more of the sadistic tones we’re used to. We’ll have much more to report on the game after the proper trailer debuts on Friday. But for now, enjoy the twisted teaser that Ubisoft has bestowed upon us.

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