Far Cry 5 (Resized)

A few weeks back Ubisoft published an image of the island from Far Cry 3. Fans immediately ran rampant with speculation that this was a tease for some type of sequel, or even a prequel. They were, of course, grasping at straws. Ubisoft declared that the image was nothing but a memento to remember the iconic game. Today’s tease though of the existence of Far Cry 5 cannot be mistaken.

“Are You Ready?”

Of all places, the Ubisoft Forums are the host of the big reveal. A Community Manager under the handle of Mathias338 dropped a simple sentence reading “Are you ready?” and an image earlier today. But that was all that was needed:

Just a logo. No art. No theme. Just the words Far Cry 5. However, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier tweeted that his sources are indicating the game will be based in modern-day Montana:

Schreier has an extensive track record of in-depth journalism with solid sources. I doubt he’d be taking to his Twitter account to verify Montana rumors if they weren’t legitimate. With less than a month before E3, it’s not likely we’re going to see the game at this point. Instead, Ubisoft will probably hold the big reveal for their own press conference in June.

Regardless, should the Far Cry 5 news develop any further, we’ll have the news right here at

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