Ubisoft To Publish Far Cry Absolution By Urban Waite


Ubisoft announced today that it’s publishing a novel based on the latest Far Cry series called Far Cry Absolution, written by Urban Waite. It will on sale for the hardcover at $27.00 USD and mass market paperback $9.99 USD.

Far Cry Absolution takes place just before the events of Far Cry 5 game. The story begins when the authorities refuse to investigate what happened to her family and decides to take matters into her own hands.

“Far Cry Absolution gives fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in Hope County and learn the backstory and motivations of members of the Resistance that will join them in the battle against the Project at Eden’s Gate,” said David Bedard, Product Manager. “Far Cry Absolution also provides insight on the cult’s methods, and offers a chilling window into the effects they have on the local population.”

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