UFC 2 Cover

EA Sports UFC 2 is headed our way in Spring 2016. We know that Ronda Rousey will be featured on the cover, but there is a male athlete planned to adorn it too. We just don’t know who yet.

EA Sports has announced their plan for the dilemma – let them fight for it. UFC 194 is scheduled for December 12th. Headlining the card is the highly anticipated featherweight championship bout between Jose Also and Conor McGregor. To the winner goes the spoils, the belt – and the UFC 2 cover. Here is UFC President Dana White’s announcement:

“The main event at UFC 194 between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor is without a doubt one of the most anticipated events in UFC history. Aldo and McGregor are two of the biggest stars in the world and it’s fitting that next Saturday night the winner not only becomes the undisputed UFC featherweight champion, but also the second global cover athlete of EA Sports UFC 2.”

If fans want to weigh in with their thoughts, they can head to where EA says they can “pick the round, as well as determine if Aldo or McGregor will win by submission, knockout, or decision, and witness their prediction come to life through a unique gameplay video shareable on social channels.”

UFC 2 - Fight for the Cover
Fight for the Cover
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