Bethesda is hosting its first E3 press conference this year on Sunday, June 14th. It will be the first conference to start off the week. What exactly are we gonna see?

Fallout 4

This is the big one, the obvious one. We practically know this is going to happen, with the leaked information about the trailer and the confirmation someone broke NDA, we are 99.9999% sure Fallout 4 will be at the conference. Bethesda wouldn’t be holding there own conference if they didn’t have and ace up their sleeve. I am sure Bethesda will close out there conference with the trailer for Fallout 4 and nothing else, I also believe we won’t see this game until late 2016.

Doom 4

The time has come for Doom to finally rear its head. It’s time for Bethesda to show off what the next iteration of the franchise is. It would be a great to kickstart the conference before talking about its catalog.

Elder Scrolls Online

With ESO coming to consoles later this year, Bethesda will have to talk about it. Not to mention the games switch to a standard; initial purchase to a¬†free to play model, Bethesda will have to throw a bone in the direction of ESO. I don’t expect (or hope) for a long segment, but more of a nod in the direction while announcing a new expansion pack.

Dishonored 2



While we have heard absolutely nothing I think a new Dishonored title makes perfect sense for Bethesda. The original did much better than Bethesda ever predicted, not to mention the developer Arkane Studios has been currently working on a new game since 2012. With 3 years of suspected development, it could be nearing completion and it’s just the perfect time to announce it.

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