E3 2015 is Los Angeles through June 11th – June 15th. Electronic Arts will be showcasing Madden 16, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Fifa 16, but what else are we gonna see from EA at E3 2015? Here is Victory Point’s E3 2015 Electronic Arts Predictions.

EA Sports

It’s E3 time again so obviously EA Sports will reel off all the 2016 versions of NHL 16, Madden 16, Fifa 16, UFC 16, and NBA 16. 

Star Wars: Battlefront

Without a doubt Electronic Art’s biggest game at the conference and arguably one of the biggest games of E3 is Star Wars Battlefront. I think they will begin with the demo people saw behind closed doors. It will be a lengthy demo, probably around 20 minutes then discussing their pre-order and bonus content.

Mirrors Edge

With its release date on the horizon in the first quarter of next year this is the time to show of some gameplay.I am excited for the sequel, even if it is to this reboot.

Mass Effect 4

Now that we’re 3 years since the last Mass Effect it’s about time we here something from Bioware about the next installment, especially since we know a new game is in development. This is probably a long shot, having just come off the back of Dragon Age: Inquisition I don’t know if Bioware is ready to release anything about the new Mass Effect. If we do get anything it will be based on the setting of the game letting us know whether its another sequel to Shepard’s story (doubtful), or a brand new story in that universe. I really really hope for the latter.

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