E3 2015 is slowly creeping towards us. This week, Victory Point has been taking a look and making some predictions on what this year’s Electronic Expo will entail. Today, we’re looking at Microsoft and the Xbox One.

Windows 10 Integration 

Let’s get this out of the way first. With the release of Windows 10 coming sometime this summer, it’s a shoe-in that Microsoft will talk about how their new operating system will work with the Xbox One. We already know that Windows 10 machines will be able to stream Xbox One games, but it will be interesting to see how else those two things work with one another.


One of the biggest problems with the current generation of hardware is its lack of compelling software. Microsoft has a great chance to remedy this. They have a strong, exclusive 2015 lineup and expect to see those games come out in full force. Halo 5: Guardians will be shown. We believe that Microsoft will include a demo during their press conference showing off some of the new mechanics of the game, as well as some over the top set-piece. Forza 6 will also make an appearance. Being a graphical beauty, Microsoft will try to “woo” and “wow” the crowd with just how great the game looks.

It will be interesting to see if Rise of The Tomb Raider makes an appearance. Scheduled for a “holiday” 2015 release, we’ve only seen a CGI trailer (and a few screenshots in Game Informer) on the game. If Microsoft is smart, they’d have a demo during their press conference. A few years ago when they demoed Tomb Raider on stage, it got a lot of people talking. Finally, it will be interesting to see if we hear anything about Crackdown 3. Another huge Microsoft IP, Crackdown is a franchise beloved by fans, and they would go nuts if they saw something more on the upcoming game.


Easy on the Kinect 

I don’t believe Microsoft is going to spend a lot of time on the Kinect. This is a shame because Kinect 2.0 really is a cool piece of hardware. Like most things, its missing the necessary “good” software that it needs to be a success. Mine has been reduced to a microphone used only to turn on my console and change the channels of my television (which works pretty well). It will be interesting to see just how much Microsoft talks about the Kinect.

Independent Games 

Expect to see Microsoft come out and talk about independent games. They’re one of the largest current markets and Sony has been dominating in that space at the moment. Expect maybe an exclusive partnership on some indy game, as well as a lot of independent games that have not previously been available on Xbox One, to be made available in the future.

Alex Martinet (Editor-In-Chief)

Halo 5 - Spartan Locke

Microsoft a year later is still playing catch up to PlayStation, and while the Xbox One is a success in its own name for now they have lost the console war. What Microsoft needs to do is to take a page from Sony’s playbook, and instead build their first-party lineup that targets gamers, not entertainment junkies.

Start of the presentation by showcasing an early campaign level from Halo 5, the series that built the console platform. I am interested to see how the dynamic between Agent Locke, and Master Chief will play out in this installment. This could be the last time the Chief appears in the series. I am sure that if a movie originates he would be the ideal starting point.

What Happened to Quantum Break? 



Then let gets a status report of sorts on Quantum Break. This is from the development that brought us Max Payne, and Alan Wake in the past, but it has been in development two plus years now, and still hasn’t been playable to the public. The main drive of the game is that splits its narrative focus up into a TV drama, and game structure. It’s one my highly anticipated games, but I am starting to worry that’s too ambitious for its own good.

Time For Something New




With the news that the original Gears of War package is on its way for Xbox One, it demonstrates to Microsoft that need to introduce another AAA exclusive to their library. Ryse Son of Rome, and Sunset Overdrive was their attempt to fill that need, but both were financial strikeouts. Hopefully a new first, or third-party exclusive gives their games catalogue a chance to breath in order to escape franchise fatigue.