As the video game industry grows, the standards for those working in it will too. That’s why voice actors from games like Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid are coming together under the Twitter hashtag #PerformanceMatters to demand higher compensation and transparency from their employers.

The rally comes a few weeks before October 5, when voice acting union SAG-AFTRA begins tallying votes on whether or not to hold a strike.

The union asks for bonus compensation based on the total units sold and unique subscribers for games, not unlike the current way company’s pay bonuses to executives following a title’s release.

“It is simply the idea that, if a video game is wildly successful, actors should share in its financial success,” the organization’s website reads.

It also asks for more clarity on the game and their role before the actors are involved, which, it points out, is something more common in the film industry.

SAG-AFTRA met with undisclosed game publishers who had their own proposals for things like fines for actors arriving late and not appearing at specific types of auditions. The employers also don’t think motion capture performances fall under the same contract as voice actors.

Popular voice actors like Jennifer Hale, Ashly Burch, and David Hayter have shown public support of better standards for voice actors in games via the #PerformanceMatters and #IAmOnBoard2015 hashtags.


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