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For the second time ever, PlayStation gamers will be able to vote on one of the free PlayStation Plus games. This news was announced earlier today by Sony on their own PlayStation Blog. Members of the PlayStation nation will be able to vote on one of three different PlayStation 4 titles.

Voting is set to start on February 9, but gamers can learn more about the potential free game now. The three potential titles are the fast paced platformer Action Henk!, twin stick shooter Assault Android Cactus, and 80s film parody Broforce. All three titles have been out on PC for quite some time, but will make their console debut in March.

RageSquid’s Action Henk! is perhaps the least known title of the three, but is still worth your attention. The unique platformer plays almost like a racing game where you’ll control an action figure and guide him through an obstacle course. Indie publisher Curve Digital is handling the console port of the game, and they have a stellar track record.

Assault Android Cactus, which was developed by Witch Beam, is a frenetic twin stick shooter. The game has been designed around co-op play, but sadly won’t have online play. Thankfully, the PlayStation 4’s Share Play feature will still make online play possible, but only if your internet speed is up to the task.

Finally, Victory Point’s Publisher of the Year in 2015, Devolver Digital, will be bringing Broforce to PlayStation 4. Developed by Free Lives, the goofy 2D shooter has destructible levels, and online co-op play. It also features a distinct cast of playable characters that have been inspired from some of the biggest action films of the 80s.

All three of the titles were well received on PC, so it looks like PlayStation 4 owners will luck out no matter what game ends up winningIt’s nice to see Sony allowing fans to vote on potential games, and when they are this high quality then there is no wrong choice!

SOURCEPlayStation Blog
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