Watch Dogs 2 Art

It’s that time of year, I suppose. Leaks, leaks, everywhere. It’s about impossible at this point to plug all the holes. The worldwide reveal of Watch Dogs 2 wasn’t supposed to take place until tomorrow. But courtesy of someone hitting publish a tad earlier on IGN’s main page, we have details sooner than we were supposed to on Ubisoft’s big game.

The sequel appears to be set in San Francisco this time around., and it looks as though we may have gotten ourselves a new protagonist as well. Here’s the image that was captured before IGN removed it:

Watch Dogs 2 LeakIt’s also revealed through the picture that Watch Dogs 2 will be releasing this year, on November 15th specifically. While the game’s first trailer is scheduled to release tomorrow, the game is sure to have a prominent role in Ubisoft’s conference too. We’ll almost certainly get ourselves a live gameplay demo there.

The official Watch Dogs Twitter page has been teasing the game for a few days now. The most recent Tweet came a couple of hours ago suggesting you follow their YouTube page to be the first to see the new trailer:

Keep checking back here at, we’ll bring you all the news as it breaks.

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