Sony will finally talk about the much confirmed PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation Neo (Woah), and potentially a new reloaded PlayStation Vita this afternoon in Sony’s PlayStation event in NYC where they announced the PlayStation 4 for the first time.

I Know Kung Fu

Expect to see the PS4 Slim and PS Neo and the PSVR since we’re two months out. The main draw is if Sony will announce the PlayStation Neo to make sure the PlayStation fan base doesn’t jump platforms for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, which was revealed at E3 2016.

The Slim will likely officially go on sale right after the event has concluded, but since the product has already leaked and we already know how it looks it won’t be attention grabbing. I’m  keeping hopes that Sony announces the next PlayStation handheld at the event, but the Vita has fallen off the spotlight significantly this year.

It begins at noon Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, September 7. You can watch the event live below or on the company’s website.

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