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Will Fight For Food Review (PC)

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When it comes to indie games, sometimes a title stands out of the crowd for its original concept or excessively extravagant features and Will Fight For Food is just that title. Developed by Pyrodactil Studios and recently published on Steam, this brawler-RPG game tells the story of Jared, once a famous WFF wrestler and now living on the streets after his career was destroyed by a series of rigged fights. Having lost all money and purpose in life, just like many of his friends, Jared tries to survive by completing pointless tasks given to him by strangers or by helping some of his former colleagues on their new jobs.

Will fight for food is a parody of modern RPG games

Will Fight For Food is clearly presented as a parody of the RPG genre and of its key features such as branching story-lines, dynamic characters and, most importantly, questing.  The whole game, which is relatively short and can be completed in a couple of hours, sees the players walking around the city of Whateville pointlessly completing quests as they try to learn more about Jared’s past. Quests can be approached using a variety of options and these make up for most of the title’s mechanics. Will Fight for Food sports relatively complex interactive conversations, where players can pick among different opinions, stances and tones to change their opponents’ opinions and convince them to perform certain tasks or give up specific items. Items can then be equipped on the character in order to gain better fighting stats or given out to NPCs to complete even more quests. Being a former professional fighter, Jared can always pick the easy option and use his training to beat all of his opponents to death, with no negative impact on how the story will unfold.

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Jared can influence others through well planned conversations

On a technical standpoint, Will Fight for Food features no interesting or innovative qualities, with the title looking more like a Flash game than anything else. Aside from the rather disappointing graphics, the soundtrack includes a handful of different tracks which tend to easily get stuck in players’ heads, but that can quickly get boring as they are short and repetitive. The combat system, which is supposed to be one of the most attractive aspects of the game, as players could use it to simply beat their way to the ending, is simplistic to say the least and, while offering different moves that Jared can perform, most fights, including bosses, can be completed by repeatedly spamming a single attack until the enemy drops dead.

The level of enjoyment that this game can’t deliver through its gameplay is achieved through the writing. As a parody of the RPG genre, Will Fight for Food sees Jared often commenting on how pointless his tasks are, how senseless the story is or simply breaking the fourth wall to give players an opinion on how they are performing through the game. The writing is solid and well executed and will often make players giggle or stop to admire how witty a comment is.

If considered a parody, will fight for food is a damn good one

In conclusion, if considered a parody, Will Fight for Food is a damn good one, but that’s all the game is able to deliver. With its funny writing and references to other titles from the same genre, the game manages to entertain for a few hours albeit quickly becoming boring. Its original concept and extravagant execution serve this title well, but are not enthralling enough to make it a game worth of its price. It is a game that is best played in short bursts and that has close to no replayability value once it has been completed. Available on steam for $5.99, Will Fight for Food is a title you’d be buying only if you’re looking for a cheap giggle or for some mindless button-smashing while taking a break from work. If what you’re after is a more complex brawler-RPG within the same price range, the current market offers plenty of viable options that can be considered instead of this one.

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