Wipeout Omega Collection

We haven’t seen an iteration in the Wipeout series since 2012’s Wipeout 2048. That’s about to change though! Sony has announced that the Wipeout Omega Collection is on its way to PlayStation 4 this summer.

Time to Conquer the Anti-Gravity Racing League

First revealed back in December, Wipeout Omega Collection consists of the two major entries in the series: Wipeout HD, and Wipeout 2048. The game will come in at a bargain priced $39.99 and feature all of the tracks and ships from the two previous games combined.

The developers, XDev, tout that the “Wipeout Omega Collection looks utterly stunning with remastered tracks and ships at 1080P on PS4 and dynamic 4K on PS4 Pro, all targeting 60FPS.” The game is also set to feature 28 licensed tracks, including songs from Swedish House Mafia, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.

There’s 9 different modes in the Collection. There is a featured Career mode, as well as time trials, Zone mode, speed laps, tournaments and more. XDev is promising split-screen 2 player multiplayer, as well as 8 player races online. The game is out on June 6th for PlayStation 4. Watch today’s new trailer and get hyped.

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