The Witcher 2 was an Xbox 360 console exclusive, and understandably it was solely marketed by Microsoft. Since its release, three years have passed and we are about to get our hands on CD Projekt Red‘s newest creation, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Unlike its predecessor, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be simultaneously released on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Personal computers. Even with the multi platform release, Microsoft has still managed to hold on to the marketing rights, and since the very first announcement, every single poster and trailer had their branding plastered all over it. But to my surprise all in-game material was either sourced from personal computers, or the PlayStation 4.

Between the announcement and the game’s release on 19th of May, internet was in state of constant war over the now current gen consoles. Constant difference in resolution and  forced parity, armed the internet warriors with ammunition which they have used to target one another. Even though firms such as Ubisoft and EA constantly delivered the majority of the food for thought, the talk about the possible Witcher 3 resolution was always lingering in the background. The anticipation have placed many in  state of complete disarray, as most wanted the game to run better on Microsoft’s machine as according to the marketing campaign it was the righteous home of The Witcher. But, as it has recently turned out, this seems not to be the case.


Internet realists, knew from the very beginning that The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 4 will be the best looking and performing of the two, and recent CD Projekt Red‘s announcement has only confirmed what most have expected. The game will run in native 1080p at 30 frames per second on PlayStation 4, and 900p at 30 frames per second on Xbox One.

Soon after the announcement was made, first console gameplay has surfaced and unsurprisingly it was sourced from the PlayStation 4 version. Since the announcement weeks have passed, and first reviews from the major publications have surfaced, placing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on superb 92 Metacritic Score.

There seems to be a majority consensus that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to be the game of the year contender, as it ticks all the boxes and fulfils all the expectations, all except from one. Knowing that the game is getting a major push from Microsoft, I’ve personally expected majority of the reviews to be based on the Xbox One version, if not all. But as things stand, every single one of the 26 reviews is based on the debug version of the PlayStation 4 copywitchaaaaaaarrarararrrLooking at the entire situation from an unbiased point of view, such approach to the review system had to be taken purely by CD Projekt Red. I doubt that a firm, which have spent so much money on marketing would allow anyone to take the spotlight of ”their” game just before the release. Alternatively, the review farce may just be blown completely out of proportion due to the hype around the game, as the Xbox One reviews will surely be published one day or another. But as things stand, I applaud CD Projekt Red what they’ve done.

We all know that if the game reaches the heights of the Metacritic, and has the 10/10 quotations on the front of the box, sooner or later it will take its place on the shelf of majority of world gamers, as it will be ‘the game to play’. And if CD Projekt Red feels that they can only achieve that with their PlayStation 4 version of The Witcher 3 on consoles, then more power to them.


Majority of critics and fans of the industry possesses an extremely flawed view of it. Everyone seems to think that every company and every person involved, is in the business to create games and satisfy the customers. Year in, and year out we get the usual E3 patter. We have a man dressed like a moody teenager, standing in the middle of the stage telling us that they (insert studio) are working on a game to deliver previously unknown experiences in order elevate gamers to another level – They don’t.

Everyone who’s a part of the industry is in the business of making money, and not in the business of making games. If video games weren’t as profitable as they are today, most of the big players would probably be out of the business or would have concentrated on a completely different industry years ago. So what CD Projekt  Red is doing right now is understandable, because they know, that as thing stand, they are an extremely renowned developer and if their relations with Microsoft collapse majority of the industry will be willing to fund their future projects as they guarantee sizeable increase in revenue.

  • Mike G

    I’m not sure I understand the conclusion of this article in light of its title. CDPR were very clever in striking a marketing and advertising deal with Microsoft, but also at the same time courting Sony by sending out PS4 review copies of the game. I’m not sure that they have actually ‘turned the industries tables’.

    Signing marketing and advertising deals with one company, and then offering consessions to the other, is ‘business as usual’ in the gaming industry.

    • Kama

      If marketing deal exists between two business entities, then both are a subject to an agreement which disallows the contractor from promoting the product on platforms of different manufacture than stated within the contract. Therefore, by allowing media outlets to only review the PS4 copy of the game, CD Projekt Red is in breach of the agreement, as reviews are considered promotional/marketing material.

      • Reid15UF .

        You are inferring an incredible amount in that statement. You have no idea what the agreement between CDPR and Microsoft is and therefore cannot say that they were restricted to show any PS4 footage. It’s CDPR’s game – NOT Microsoft’s.

  • Enricko Setiawan

    Lol wut, witcher 2 was a pc exclusive dumbass then only it was ported to Xbox 360.delusional writer is delusional. Next time know your fact before writing. Only in witcher 3, CDPR has a deal with Microsoft.

  • ShowanW

    This article makes NO sense whatsoever.

  • Corey

    what did I just read?……