The Witness

In an statement released to IGN, Jonathan Blow has confirmed that The Witness is headed to Xbox One. And it’s much sooner than you might think.

A Xbox One Version Is A Rumor No More.

The Witness was revealed to be a timed console exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4, according to Blow. But with that version initially releasing on January 26th, it appears nearly three quarters of a year was sufficient exclusivity.

The game has garnered some pretty outstanding buzz. It was deemed by man to be a Game of the Year contention – which I suppose is easy to say in early January. But the title’s Metacritic score has held strong at a solid 87, and with a release on Xbox One imminent, a whole other spectrum of players will get their hands on the mysterious puzzler.

Jonathan Blow has stated that there won’t be any differences between the PlayStation 4 version and the upcoming Xbox One port. He said that “there are some technical differences, but it’s basically the same game. “I feel like that would kind of… mess up the game.”

For those interested, Blow’s company, Thekla Inc., is also working on an iOS port of The Witness, but that version is still a ways off. The Witness will launch on Xbox One on September 13th, 2016. Pack your bags and let’s get ready to hit this island.b

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