Wolfenstein II and Doom Announced for Nintendo Switch


Nintendo held a direct on September 13th and showcased a variety of games ranging from 3ds, to triple A switch games. However, two games caught everyone by surprise, Doom, and Wolfenstein II both being produced by Bethesda which is also porting Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch.

A Nazi and a Demon Sit at a Bar

Doom is known for being a fast paced bloody shooter where you take control of a marine and take down demons as fast as you can. Additionally, Wolfenstein II is another first person shooter, where the main objective is to fight against the Nazi government and free the people from tyranny.

Doom is planned to release this holiday it will feature the story campaign and all the expansion packs on the cart and multiplayer will be downloadable to the system. Although it won’t feature a level editor. Also, Wolfenstein won’t be released till early 2018, no official release date has been confirmed. Are you excited for Doom or Wolfenstein? If you want to learn more watch the trailer linked above.



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