Currently, FIFA, is an organization entailed in scandals of corruption and deceit. To the audience outside of the footballing inner circle, the discovery of widespread bribery and manipulation in terms of World Cup hosting privileges came as a surprise. However, anyone who has followed the scene of international football took it as a fact that was set in stone ages ago.

The day Qatar was awarded the right to host 2022 World Cup put the world in a standstill. This revelation came across as absurd, as a nation with no footballing infrastructure, or past has been given a right to host biggest event on sport’s cards. The scale of the international turmoil was predictable, as billions of people follow football around the world.


Sepp Ballter president of FIFA (Left), and Michel Platini president of UEFA (Right) shaking hands – They’re Football’s equivalent of WWF’s Mega Powers

In recent days, no other event has even managed to match the popularity of FIFA‘s scandal, as day after day further arrests were made, and such have ultimately dismantled the core of the organisation. Temporarily, even the gaming community has turned its back on its industry, and concentrated on the biggest scandal of they year, as FIFA is not only a governing body, but it is also a biggest sports video game in history.

First came the abundance of light heated critique that spawned a multitude of images that featured Sepp Blatter on numerous game covers. However, as the comedy was coming to an end, EA Sports has made an announcement, an announcement that didn’t go down well with the vocal minority of the video games community.

On the 28th of May, 2015, EA Sports released a short in-game trailer that revealed the newest feature of the FIFA franchise. The feature in question, is an addition of the top 12 female national teams (to the male dominant game). FIFA 16, on the day of its release will now feature professional footballers of both sexes. And while the male side of things will surely be much more advanced in terms of in-game availability, the addition of female footballers is a tremendous step forward.


When I saw the trailer for the first time, minutes after its initial release, I was surprised – in a good way. For the first time, in many years, EA has finally added something ‘new’ to the now tired franchise. Before now, FIFA, was only graced with minor additions year by year. The biggest innovation to date, is surely the Ultimate Team mode, as it has quickly became a fan favorite.

While FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) was an instant hit, it was, and still is nothing more than further monetization of the game. Whereas addition of female footballers to the newest iteration of FIFA is a true improvement. An Improvement that is not to everyone’s liking.

Seconds, not even minutes after its initial release, the trailer became a dartboard that the majority has used to launch their darts of hate against. Comment after comment, tweet after tweet, the hate grew stronger, and the misogynists of the video game sphere have crawled out of their caves, to spread their ‘disgust’ onto others.


The above picture is a prime example of the toxic atmosphere that surrounds the recent announcement. To those who are not accustomed with footballing terms, ‘parking the bus’ occurs when a team concentrates on defending, and uses majority, if not all their players within the vicinity of their penalty box. In FIFA, ‘parking the bus’ is also a tactic that can be applied within the game to defend the score, or to prevent further embarrassment. However, this specific YouTube’r decided to use what is left of his brain, and make a ‘witty’ joke, he can share with his ‘mates‘ for the sake of ‘banter

This kind of humor can only be funny to someone who’s either 10 years of age, or possess an IQ within the single digit spectrum. And even if it’s published for the sake of ‘lighthearted comedy’ or ‘banter’, it can still be taken as offensive as internet is full of people who are unaware of existence of ‘satire’. However, if such comments are made in sake of satire, then whoever is behind them has to still a lot of work to do.

There are two places where people who get a rush from offending others can choose to get in. One of them, my personal favorite, is the bin. If you find this kind of ‘humor’ entertaining, and deem it to be right within the current societal forms, then I’d like to stand in line with others of your cut, and prepare yourself to get in the bin, as it is the right place for you. However, if the bin is not up to your liking, you can also take the advice of @getinthesea.

I the addition of women to FIFA is a great step forward and it introduces the innovation, and diversity we all strive for. I feel neither offended or threatened by it, unlike some. Also I do not side with anyone when it comes to this ‘issue’, as it shouldn’t be a problem in a first place. Internet misogynists and online justice warriors can both be toxic, and are equally damaging to the industry, and if you find either appealing and openly support it, then you are only further fueling the conflict between the two.