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Wulverblade is Coming to Nintendo Switch


Wulverblade is an HD 2D hack’n’slasher/beatem-up side scrolling indie based in ancient times AD 120 during the famous Roman invasions. And has been in productions for awhile now, originally planned for the Ps4 Xbox One and PC. At the Nintendo Nindies summer showcase, Wulverblade was revealed to getting a Nintendo Switch port and that it would be on eShop sometime in September.

Wulverblade Details and features

Wulverblade plans to bring back Hack’n’slash, beatem-ups to current day consoles and make them big again. Big shoes to fill so let’s go over some of the features that are listed for the game.

  • well crafted 2D cinematic artwork
  • Completely 1080p
  • 8 detailed levels set around northern Britannia
  • Refined combat system
  • Heavily historic and cultural story mode
  • animated shorts to tell the story
  • A beautiful soundtrack
  • and many unlockable features and secrets

Wulberblade looks to bring back a genre that has long needed a quality game here’s hoping they can fulfill their promises and bring an enjoyable experience to the Nintendo switch. If you want to learn more about Wulverblade check out the Nintendo switch port Announcement video below.



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