WWE 2K16

By most accounts, WWE 2K16 is pretty good. Released on October 27th, the PlayStation 4 version currently sits at 74 on Metacritic while the Xbox One version weighs in at 73. While those scores reflect “pretty good” status, 2K Sports wants you to love it. Thus, enter the “Momentous” trailer.

The new trailer is essentially two and a half minutes of pure WWE 2K16 fanboy delight. Backed by Yelawolf’s Till It’s Gone, the trailer jumps out of the gates throwing a bunch of accolades at us from various review outlets. Then, the Momentous trailer really hits stride as a montage of WWE digital athletes begin raising some hell.

All the obvious candidates are sprinkled throughout the clip. And, fittingly so, it’s all capped off by Stone Cold Steve Austin himself raising his fists in victory toward the adorning fans. It’s a pretty good trailer and might be just what you needed to see if you were on the fence about jumping into WWE 2K16.

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