WWE 2K18 Confirmed for Nintendo Switch


2K Sports announced today on the WWE YouTube channel that, WWE 2K18 will be coming to Nintendo Switch. This will mark its first time being on a Nintendo platform since WWE ’13. It will also mark its first time being portable since 2011. An Xbox one and Ps4 version are slated for October 17, 2017. While the Nintendo Switch version is slated for this fall.

Same as the Ps4 and Xbox one versions, it will be a current-gen game with all its features intact. Being one of the few third-party games announced to be like its counterparts the Xbox one and Ps4, you have to applaud the effort 2k is putting into the Nintendo Switch.

Switching to Portable WWE 2K18

Some of the features that 2k has listed on their site for the Nintendo Switch version are:

    1. Play at home on a tv docked, or play on the go, on the bus, at school, and on plane trips.
    2. Eight player matches.
    3. New grapple carry system, New weight detection, thousands of new animations and a massive backstage area.
    4. A brand new rendering engine that will vastly improve the visuals of the game, while bringing it to life.
    5. A new MyCareer experience that will let you explore the life of a WWE wrestler through free roaming backstage, talking to superstars, forming alliances, making enemies, seeking out quests, and strategizing a plan for your next match.
    6. A new mode called Road To Glory will let you compete online with other players to improve your MyPlayer profile. By earning unlockables, boosts, and upgrades all while securing your entry into special events. That are held alongside real-life WWE special events, such as pay-per-views.
    7. Customization will be even deeper and more detailed with Create-a-Superstar, Create-a-Video, and Create-an-Arean.
    8. It will bolster the largest roster including wrestlers currently in the WWE, NXT, and Legendary superstars.

WWE 2K18 cover Superstar Seth Rollins appeared in a special video announcing the series return to Nintendo with the Nintendo switch version of WWE 2K18. The Announcement Video is linked above.

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