XCom 2

“We are deploying to a new battlefield, Commander.” That’s what the XCOM Twitter currently writes. That new battlefield? The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. XCom 2 is coming to consoles this fall.

Firaxis Games and Take-Two Interactive made the news official today. They said that it was the console fan base outcry that really made their decision easier to bring the ports over. The PC version of XCom 2, which released back in February, has performed admirably. It currently resides at a great 88 Metascore. Now fans on consoles can appreciate this adventure as well.

The title is poised to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6th, so just a three-month wait. Checkout the new trailer below that was embedded within the XCom Twitter page and get hyped for us non-PC folks out there:

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