Yooka-Laylee Toybox Mode

Playtonic Games’ Banjo-Kazooie clone, Yooka-Laylee, has many people hyped to return to the glory days of Nintendo 64 platforming. The project’s Kickstarter was a resounding success. One of the Kickstarter tiers involved the inclusion of a demo mode of sorts described by the developer as Toybox mode. Well, backers… it’s gone live.

“What’s in the Box, Man!? What’s in the Box!?”

Playtonic took to their website today to announce the release of Toybox mode for those backers that are eligible:

“As promised in our campaign, the Toybox isn’t a traditional ‘demo’, but a self-contained, spoiler-free sandbox designed to give Yooka-Laylee backers a taste of the platforming to come in the final game. There are moves to try, custom-built props to play with, secrets to discover and yes, shiny collectibles to hunt out and we’ve even included a never-before-seen NPC to chatter with, but it’s only a small sample of the finished production – and visually it’s incomparable.”

As you can tell from the above paragraph, Toybox mode isn’t a traditional demo. But Toybox made being called Toybox mode should have already clued you into that fact. It’s nice that we’ll get to meet a new NPC within the mode, but the real kicker is the inclusion of collectibles to hunt down. It’s a smart (yet obvious) way for Playtonic Games to really deliver a small morsel of Yooka-Laylee to its fan base. However, if you’re a console player you’re out of luck. Toybox mode is currently exclusive to Steam.

A new trailer was also released today to showcase what you’ll have the chance to venture through within Toybox mode. Give it a look if you’re a backer awaiting your chance to play. Otherwise, just watch it and wish you were there…

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