No Man’s Sky is an incredibly ambitious game. Promising over 18 Trillion Planets (and more!), a literally endless world to explore, and a game where you can do anything that you want to do.

18 Trillion worlds to explore

The team over at Hello Games have begun to trickle out a few trailers detailing what exactly it is you will be doing when you play No Man’s Sky this fall. The first one, titled “Explore” had players traversing the many worlds of the games’ universe.

Today, the team released their second trailer, titled “Fight.” This trailer shows off that not everything is going to be peaceful in the world of No Man’s Sky and that you’ll have to defend yourself. The trailer shows off combat against both planet wildlife and other ships in space.

No Man’s Sky recently went gold and is scheduled to be released on August 9 for both the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Are you excited for No Man’s Sky? Does it seem like a game you’ll check out? I’m incredibly interested in the game and hope that the procedurally generated universes are compelling and that there’s enough to do to keep me coming back.

You can check out No Man’s Sky’s “Fight” trailer below.