Resident Evil VII 4D Candle

One of the exciting things about Resident Evil VII is the potential it brings to PlayStation VR. This game is going to ruin people. Psychologically, and perhaps even physically. I mean, pants will get wet. But why venture into three dimensions when you can instead opt for four?

This January, You Will Smell the Fear

Thanks to a collaboration between Capcom and Numskull, this January we will get to explore – and smell – the Baker house first hand. That’s right, Numskull has created a 4D Candle that you can use while you play Resident Evil VII. Emitting the scent of the Baker House Mansion, the combination of PlayStation VR and the 4D Candle hope to truly immerse you in this grotesque world.

The candle is pretty cheap, coming in at $14. There was apparently a previous leak of the product that provided erroneous information. Ben Grant of Numskull set the record straight:

“Contrary to earlier reports that jumped the gun a little, the candle definitely does not smell of blood. However, it does manage to represent the scent of the Baker House Mansion, adding to the horror, fear and adrenaline you get whilst playing the game – especially in VR.”

Stefano Barolo of Capcom also stated that “This Official 4D candle is specifically tailored to the game and will help make you feel like you’re actually standing in the abandoned plantation house, to enhance the gaming experience.”

Checkout the new trailer below. Resident Evil VII launches on January 24th.

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